The Wingspan Fund provides support for rest, retreat and reflective practice for volunteers and contributors to the non-profit and charitable sectors. Research, scholarships and bursaries for program participation are the essence of the Wingspan’s strategic direction and our intention is to deepen collective understanding of the need for and impact of deep care for community development leaders. Our support for care-centered initiatives will provide hope and encourage ongoing engagement in this essential sector. We are proud to offer grants that make a difference in the lives of those volunteering and working in nonprofits and charities.

Participation Grants

Wingspan provides funding to support individuals and organizations province-wide to engage in retreats and in-person events that improve the health and wellbeing of staff and volunteers in the not-for-profit and charitable sector. The Foundation provides individual grants up to $1,500 per person or $10,000 per organization to charities, community groups, not-for-profit businesses, and organizations to fund participation in retreat and reflective experiences. The Wingspan Call for grants will be held twice a year.

Research Grants

Wingspan Research Grants provide funding for ongoing, community-driven research to better understand and advocate for the caretaking of community caretakers and social models of caretaking. This fund provides support for projects that typically would not receive funding from capital or operating budgets.

Funding Criteria

Wingspan strives to fund programs that will make lasting change at an individual and sectoral level. Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate:

  • A readiness for change and adopting new and alternative approaches to self and organizational care
  • Support for racialized and/or marginalized communities
  • A vision for future/ongoing investment in reflective practice
  • Clear timeline and objectives for the funding
  • Detailed and inclusive/considerate applications (budgets that realistically include elements like childcare, transportation and anything else that would create barriers to full and concentrated participation)


Wingspan awards grants aligned with a larger sense of curiosity and a vision for uncovering the true needs of the community sector. Successful applicants will receive 70% of their funding upfront, with the remaining 30% released after the individuals or organization complete a reflection exercise that informs our understanding of impact. Funds not spent during the current fiscal year must be returned to the Foundation.

Wingspan will not support:

  • Ongoing research that is funded by post-secondary institutions
  • Projects that we feel should be funded by government
  • Conferences or event sponsorships