Communities across Shelburne County need support to rebuild from the devastation and aftermath of the June 2023 wildfires.  

The devastation caused by wildfires can have a lasting impact on people and neighbourhoods, including the impacts on mental health and psychosocial wellbeing.  

The We Rise Again Fund – Shelburne County was established to support rebuilding gaps, mental health, and healing support for individuals, families, and communities impacted by the fires. All funds raised will support local needs, with local decision-makers ensuring local impacts.

Applications for the We Rise Again Fund – Shelburne County are now open

Grant Purpose

Grants between $5,000 and $25,000 will be awarded in two focus areas:

  • To assist in the physical recovery and reconstruction of communities impacted by the wildfires, which may include homes and other structures that need rebuilding or repairs.
  • To address critical mental health needs, including emotional and psychological supports, of individuals and communities impacted by the wildfires.

Grants will not be awarded for:

  • Mortgages or to cover deficits or retire debts
  • Retroactive funding for expenses covered by other sources (e.g. insurance, government funding programs, other rebuilding funds, etc.)
  • Insured secondary or recreational properties
  • Business assets
  • Sectarian, religious or political purposes
  • Annual donation drives or any fundraising activities

Grant Criteria

The project/program must:

  • Demonstrate a well-defined purpose aligned with the focus of this grant and fund
  • Be located in Shelburne County
  • Be as a direct result of the impact of the wildfires.
Grant Review Process

A panel of community members with relevant knowledge, perspectives and experience will assess each application and short-list those deemed to best meet the granting criteria, including recommending grant amounts to CFNS for final approval.


April 4: Applications open
May 17: Applications deadline (Deadline extended)
May 1 – May 25: Applications reviewed and selected for approval
June 30: Grants finalized and disbursed

To Apply

Applications may be submitted in person, via email, or online. To submit in person, place the application and any supporting documents in a sealed envelope and address it to We Rise Again Fund – Shelburne County and drop it off at one of two locations:

Barrington Dental Center
3588 Highway 3, Suite 3
Barrington Passage

TLC Pharmasave
157 Water Street

To submit electronically, email your completed PDF application along with any supporting documents to or simply apply online below.

Print a PDF application and fill it out: Click here
Download a PDF application and fill it out on a computer: Click here
To apply online click the button below

By giving to this fund, you will be supporting a broad range of rebuilding and resiliency efforts, be it mental health services, community infrastructure, or other needs as identified by those acutely impacted when they are ready.

Thank you for your support of community.  We all play a role in helping our neighbours and neighbourhoods rise again.

You will receive a tax receipt by email once your donation is completed.