In support of the community of Portapique

The tragic events of April 18-19, 2020 have left a deep mark on the hearts of the people in our province and Canadians collectively.  For families who lost loved ones, friends and coworkers who lost valued companions, and for the communities that lost residents, these are days that will forever be marked by grief.

Architect’s drawing of the new community hall.

In the summer of 2020, the Rotary Club of Truro engaged Portapique residents to understand how the Club could help and what opportunities existed in the community. During this stage, a clear vision was set: make the existing community hall fully accessible and expand the building so it could be rented for events, and adding an outside play area for children. Residents were excited about the project, not only for the physical improvements to be made, but for the opportunity to come together with neighbours and begin the healing process.

Since that time, the Trustees of the Riverside Community Hall (the legally registered name of Portapique Community Hall) in partnership with Cobequid Consulting designed and constructed a natural playground that was completed in October 2021. A new, larger community hall is being built, replacing the building that stood on that property for more than 175 years, providing a location for the community to come together for suppers, dances, fitness classes, youth programming, and much more. Many organizations have come forward, interested in hosting events and programming in the hall.

The new community hall is almost complete, but we need your help! With the increased cost of construction materials, there is a funding gap. Join in our efforts to rebuild Portapique!