Created to support community betterment

The Oliver Fund draws its name from a combination of place and people. The hardy pioneers built the base on which we live today, giving their names to areas, unaware of the lasting legacy of their labours.

The Oliver Fund honours the rural way of life and promotes initiatives of North Shore youth and adults through evolving funding initiatives:

1) Assisting students graduating from Tatamagouche Regional Academy in continuing education at the post-secondary level, both in general studies and specifically for innovative development;

2) Supporting innovation and entrepreneurial activities among students at the Tatamagouche Regional Academy leading toward post-secondary training and education, and;

3) Providing grants in the Colchester area to encourage the creative artistic activities of youth.

Award categories

There are three categories of awards for which people can apply:

1) Scholarship

To be eligible for this award, applicants must:

  1. be graduating from Tatamagouche Regional Academy;
  2. be in receipt of no major scholarship (e.g., one that covers 65% or more of tuition) at the time of application; and
  3. be accepted by a recognized post-secondary education institution (college or university) in Canada and plan to attend that institution in the fall of the same year.

Award winner(s) will be selected on the basis of financial need, activity in the school or community, and character references. Typically scholarships will be awarded annually; however, the fund reserves the right to award scholarships on a more or less frequent basis.

2) Innovation and Entrepreneur Activities 

To be eligible, applications (based on the current school year) must:

  1. be for student-based activities that promote entrepreneurial and innovation goals of the Tatamagouche Regional Academy, and;
  2. provide events within the school and/or assist students in participating in regional events that recognize innovation and entrepreneurial development.

Activities eligible for funding will be selected by the school principal, with a total amount available per school year as determined by the Oliver Fund.

3) Creative Artistic Activities for Youth

To be eligible for support, applicant organizations must:

  1. have provided at least one annual session of artistic activity that is focused on creativity in one or more artistic genres
  2. accept school-aged youth by specific age range for an activity, and;
  3. provide pre-set criteria for the use of funds, and submit a report on the activities funded.

The deadline for applications is April 30