We inspire giving and steward funds to help build Nova Scotian communities of respect, belonging and possibility.

Our ultimate vision is to build vibrant communities of respect, belonging and possibility across Nova Scotia that have the resources to care for their own needs.

The Community Foundation of Nova Scotia is a charitable giving facilitator. We help donors make sustainable, charitable impact on causes they care about by endowing funds (investing money for the long-term, with the interest earned used for charitable purposes), managing donation programs, and convening conversations that make a positive difference in our communities. We do this through three philanthropy streams: donor-advised funds, impact funds targeting specific needs, and community funds created and managed by communities.

We are part of Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), a network of over 200 foundations across the country working to make an impact in their communities. For more information on the impact community foundations are having across Canada, visit the CFC website.

Lupins of Nova Scotia

“When given as a gift, the lupin tells the receiver that a positive outlook leads to new opportunities.”

Our logo is inspired by lupins and the wildflowers of Nova Scotia as they are representative of growth, grassroots, organic, sustainability, and community. Lupins are something all Nova Scotians can connect with.